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I so rarely bother using this other than to emo/angst/whine to myself, but THIS deserves a mention.


ALLISON WOLFE? She's like...one of my favourite people IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

Apologies for not writing in here often.

However, if you're female, could you spare me a few moments of your time to fill in a questionnaire?

Please click here to fill it out!

Of course, you can fill it in if you're male, too, but sadly, I can't count your vote for the purposes of my dissertation. Sadface.

Thankyou in advance, lovelies!
In 2007, teamwoolf resolves to...
Take evening classes in literature.
Learn to play the pulp.
Apply for a new deconstructivism.
Give up tapirs.
Find a new berlin.
Put fifty literary walks a month into my savings account.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

That made me giggle. Apologies.
It must be a terribly lonely existence to only sing properly when you're sure that no one is listening.



I am slightly obsessed with this.


I can't stop watching it.